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GEOSYSTEM LLC is a technology solutions leader, providing comprehensive, integrated security, IP telephony, and network solutions. By striving to bring additional value to each of our clients with each project completed, GEOSYSTEM brings a market-driven, entrepreneurial approach to traditional technology services businesses, while providing single provider accountability. Our trusting customers will find that Western technology industry standards and best-practices prevail in all aspects of the top-quality work we perform.


Intelligent Buildings:

IP Networks
Converged Building Systems and Controls
Applications (Billing, PMS, etc.)
Building Automation and Management Systems
Structured cabling/CCTV (digital and analog)
Integrated Security (Access Controls)
Green/Environmentally Friendly Designs

GEOSYSTEM’s Intelligent Buildings division focuses exclusively on hospitality, healthcare, commercial and residential real estate. We use technology to deliver a converged infrastructure, which positively impacts ROI by reducing project costs, increases a building’s operational efficiency and enables owners and operators to create new business models and revenue streams. As energy costs continue to rise globally and as competition stiffens on a global basis, organizations are turning to technology to differentiate their offering. Senior managers are scrutinizing their building system strategies, and are looking for well-integrated solutions to enable them to capture and retain customers, and offer more personalized and relevant services from which they can generate incremental revenue.
Through our proprietary process methodology, we uniquely provide each property with its own return on investment (ROI) model and bundled product offerings as we work with your building operations vendors to best utilize the Fourth Utility infrastructure. Owner, Operator and Tenant values are the driving force behind this approach which leads to leasing advantages, operational effectiveness and increased customer loyalty.
Market Leaders
GEOSYSTEM utilizes best-of-breed technologies, including those from world-wide market leader, Cisco and the Cisco Connected Real Estate platform, along with a consortium of leading vendors in cabling, automation, controls, applications and billing solutions to create robust, reliable and secure solutions. GEOSYSTEM provides high quality, open standards based services that are maintained from a single support number 24x7x365.
All of our services create value.
Creating value is a hard dollar, quantifiable process. We will show you, through our proprietary process, how to increase ROI in planned project.
We will work with you to understand the vision for a property, the competitive situation, as well as, the schedule and budget. Nearly every solution we offer has at least a cost covering ROI associated with it and often a new revenue stream or significant, demonstrable cost saving and capital cost avoidance element as well.
We can help you create marketing and leasing advantages, tenant/guest loyalty, energy savings and operational efficiencies. Further, our innovative real estate concepts and practices have the potential to change the way you look at tenant space.
The Fourth Utility
The Fourth Utility infrastructure is the foundation stone to deliver the next generation tenant experience and a more operationally efficient building. The Fourth Utility infrastructure is a technology foundation and accompanying services for a commercial real estate property.
Frequently, such a foundation will include a conduit, riser and horizontal pathway design, fiber optics, various types of wireless coverage and switching and routing gear for voice and data, billing, management applications and services. Typical services include dial tone, broadband, television, ambient music, digital signage localize and personalized information services and more.
GEOSYSTEM’s Intelligent Buildings solutions team is able to design this entire infrastructure from the curb, throughout the property and the vertical and horizontal elements in the building structure.
This highly efficient foundation creates a significant return on investment by:
• Eliminating unnecessary or redundant infrastructure
• Enabling operational efficiencies
• Adding revenue generating services
• Delivering Tenant Value
• Creating a future-minded property

In commercial real estate, technology as a general term impacts the tenant experience, marketing plan, pro forma, design, amenity list, and construction and move schedules more than ever before. This is due in-part to progressing lifestyles, technology advancements, tenant technology complexities, competitive pressures and technology standards. The Fourth Utility infrastructure enables developers, owners and managers to stay in step with the impact of technology as well as position themselves to take advantage of future enhancements. With The Fourth Utility infrastructure multiple types of building service enhancements and tenant services will be accessible to the owner or manager.
GEOSYSTEM’s Intelligent Buildings team will bundle and productize the resulting tenant services, including an ROI and cash flow model.
The company will also provide or certify multiple applications that utilize the infrastructure such as Internet, telephony, ambient music, television, security monitoring etc.
GEOSYSTEM’s Intelligent Buildings team will use industry best practices equipment and service providers along with open systems architecture and protocols.
Digital Signage
One of the hottest areas of interest in real estate technology is digital signage. Digital signage is simply electronic screens, such as plasma and LCD that are usually centrally controlled and have changing content along with advertisements, live television, news and more. They are frequently used for way-finding and other property related information. With advancements in technology and the Internet, as well as the Fourth Utility, properties owners and managers can control multiple signs and even multiple sites from a central location. This provides incredible control, reach and marketing opportunities.
The highest and best use of this equipment is to have interactive signs so that tenants, visitors and customers can react to the information on the screen for a deeper level of information, entertainment or actual commerce. This can all be set up as a monthly service that can be designed, monitored and changed frequently. With centralized control it is easy to scale, change and get statistics on sign usage and user feedback.
Building Performance Software
Operational costs such as energy have always been an opportunity for landlords and managers to improve margins. Studies indicate that in a 500,000 square foot (ft2) building with average energy costs of $1.80/ft2, cutting costs by 25% will produce $250,000 in enhanced NOI. At a 10% capitalization rate this could amount to a $2.5 million increase in property value.
There are many ways to increase energy efficiency both in the design for planned buildings and retrofits for existing buildings. Further, there are a number of energy management solutions that will run on The Fourth Utility. But the challenge is to know how efficient your design or existing building is in the first place and what changes would produce what results. Historically, energy efficiency analysis is an expensive process that involves many man hours and reams of static data. Hence, it is rarely done. However, rising energy costs as a whole and instability in oil specifically is bringing this issue to the forefront.
Intelligent Buildings will work with a variety of integrators and manufactures and the building owner to create suitable remedies for the gaps identified by the Toolkit.


Professional Services / Consulting:

Technology Strategy.
Network, Voice & Security Assessments
Hardware/Software Consulting & Implementations
Annual Support & Maintenance Contracts
To support the broad change agendas of forward-thinking CIOs, GEOSYSTEM focuses all of its technology capabilities together into a single, integrated strategic consulting effort, with a strong ability to deliver powerful, end-to-end technology solutions required by high-performance businesses and intelligent building stake holders. We collaborate with clients to align IT strategy and technology solutions to business strategy to improve the performance and business impact of their IT investments, and to boldly transform IT to drive future business growth and innovation. GEOSYSTEM’s consulting efforts are uniquely geared to bridge the gap between an organization's existing IT capabilities and its vision for high performance.
We have the right professional resources that bring deep experience, an understanding of business systems and an innovative approach that mitigates risk and keeps costs manageable. We focus on solving IT problems holistically, but ensure we create more complete solutions and positively impact business outcomes, we incorporate strategy, technologies, processes, people, IT operations and governance. By analyzing improvement opportunities across the IT landscape, we help clients implement solutions that will deliver benefits for years to come.
We work closely with local and multinational vendors such as Transguard, Cisco, Microsoft, HP, Honeywell, Pivod, Iris, Tiger, TMS ComTelco, Foundry, Aruba, NetApp, EMC, CA, Citrix, Symantec, and Secure Computing. Our strategic partnerships and relationships allow us to extend the range of capabilities and solutions we can offer. At the same time, our experience in the management of multi-vendor solutions reduces clients' project risk and total cost of ownership, and streamlines the vendor evaluation and procurement processes.
Delivery – Lessons Learned
How can a company maintain strong, competitive IT capabilities and still meet demands for reduced IT spending? By taking a bold, comprehensive approach that transforms every facet of the IT organization, from IT's connection to the business, to systems design, to culture and workforce performance.
Narrowly focused responses to IT cost and service issues are common, but the real payoffs come from top-level commitment to solving today's problems in a way that puts IT in the mainstream of tomorrow's corporate strategy. It takes an upfront investment, albeit a moderate one that pays off quickly and well.
The correct IT transformation approach GEOSYSTEM ascribes to addresses the seemingly contradictory demands of maintaining strong, competitive IT capabilities while still reducing IT spending. IT transformation can generate permanent gross savings in IT expenditure between 25 and 40 percent.


IP Telephony & Unified Communications:

CustoIIP Telephony Design and Implementation
Voice Mail / Unified Messaging
Video Conferencing / Tele presence
Operator Consoles
Mobility Applications
Wireless / Remote Connectivity

IP Communications is perhaps the biggest trend in strategic IT today and beyond as many companies realize significant returns on investment and dramatic cost savings by migrating from traditional to IP telephony systems (VoIP).
When voice and data travel over the same network, the need to create and maintain a separate telephone network disappears. Installation costs for new systems drop by 40% to 60% because companies need to only purchase and install one infrastructure instead of two. In general, industry studies have showed that VoIP systems were on average 22% less expensive to operate than circuit-switched networks. Moreover, costs associated with employee moves, adds, and changes are virtually eliminated because the tasks can be handled in-house simply by moving an IP phone into a different network jack. Unified communications applications deliver significant benefits when considering employee time savings and financial savings and they enhance the way in which all employees communicate.
Despite the different variety of technology a business has access to and relies on day-to-day in order to communicate, communication bottlenecks still occur all too frequently. Businesses are increasingly more mobile making it difficult for colleagues to collaborate and employees are bombarded with large numbers of emails, instant messages and voicemail messages making it hard to prioritize and respond in a timely manner. Communication bottlenecks occur and as a result, productivity declines, delays occur and ultimately service to the end-customer suffers.
GEOSYSTEM Solutions offers professional services to support end-to-end unified communications solutions. Our vendor certified implementation engineers and solutions consultants are highly qualified with years of solid enterprise-class life-cycle implementation experience.
GEOSYSTEM’s team can provide the following IP telephony technologies to help organizations improve communications:
• Assessments for IPT Readiness
• Solution Design (security design, emergency number design, dial plans, contact center, etc) and Deployment
o Easy-to-use, integrated applications and tools enabling voice, video, Web conferencing, call management, directories, and presence information to allow more effective communications and productivity
o Transparent integration of communications applications with e-mail, calendar, and directories, simplifying contact and information-sharing among users
• Secure media and transport protocols to provide added protection for sensitive calls and messages
• Complete mobility, improving customer response time, and reducing missed calls
• Integration of contact center applications to maximize agent productivity and customer satisfaction

GEOSYSTEM implements messaging, conferencing, and customer contact applications that integrate with both existing and IP systems to provide maximum flexibility and allow you to migrate to IP communications at your own pace. Most businesses will realize substantial savings and productivity gains by migrating to IP communications.


Information Security :

• Email, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam
• Web Content Security, Anti-Phishing, URL Filtering
• Identity and Access Management
• Firewalls
• Intrusion Detection and Prevention
• Perimeter / End Point Security Controls
Effective Holistic Security:
Information security is a reality that every organization must face and address within the context of its own environment and risk tolerance. Information Security is a concept best addressed proactively than reactively. Our experienced team will help you assess your current organizational security profile, understand what changes would need to be made to move your organization to a profile more commensurate with its risk tolerance, and implement the appropriate technologies to do so. More importantly, we will help your organization continually monitor and adjust it current security controls to accommodate for continually changing security threats. Our goal is to enable your organization to handle and enforce blended threat analysis with unified management and controls including:
• Multi-tier Network Security Solutions
o Intelligent Firewall Systems
o Vulnerability scanning and patch management
o Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems (IPS /IDS)
o Multi-tier Enterprise Anti Virus Solutions (GW, Server, Desktops)
o Email & Web Content Filtering
• Unified Threat Management systems (UTM)
• Wireless Security
• Information Access & VPN
• ID Management, Authentication & Access Control Solutions
• Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
• Information Security Management Systems
• Information Security Policy Enforcement and end point compliance
We follow information security industry standards and best practices to develop & implement the proper controls to safeguard customers against different types of threats that could potentially result in serious damage or loss to your business.


Network Infrastructure :

• Server Farms
Routing • Switching
• Operating Systems
• Exchange Servers
• Backup and Storage
GEOSYSTEM offers a wide range of professional services to support our end-to-end network infrastructure solutions. Our vendor certified implementation engineers and solutions consultants are highly qualified with years of solid enterprise-class technology experience. GEOSYSTEM’s networking solutions professional services portfolio includes the following:
• Business and technical requirements analysis
• Existing infrastructure assessment & evaluation of readiness for emerging applications, technologies & network services
• Developing business driven & requirements-based technology solutions architectures
• Technology deployment & implementation services
• Advanced network integration, fine-tuning & performance optimization services
• Training services
• Different choices of professional support services and annual support & maintenance contracts
• Different choices of managed IT services such as IT staffing & Help Desk outsourcing
At GEOSYSTEM we believe in being specialized in order to maximize our added value; especially in certain technology areas that are complex and very advanced. This is one of the key differentiators that has helped us build a proven record in the IT industry today - both locally and globally.
Another is our practical approach to providing useful technologies with full accountability that can only be achieved through the provision of fully integrated end-to-end solutions leveraging today’s advances in converged networks.
Our solutions span various areas within the networking solutions technology space; including:
Local Area Networks
Wide Area Networks
Wireless Network Solutions
Remote Access & VPN
IP Telephony & Voice over IP
Application-Oriented Networking
Bandwidth Management & Optimization
Network Management
Structured Cabling Systems; including Fiber Optic, Copper, Data, Voice & Video Structured Cabling
Network Security Solutions


Physical Infrastructure & Security :

• Structured cabling
• CCTV (digital and analog)
• Integrated Security (Access Controls)
Now, more than ever, businesses need to ensure that their employees are productive, safe and secure to maintain their competitive advantage in the marketplace. GEOSYSTEM can help by meshing the highest quality products and services for high speed communications cabling, CCTV, IP Surveillance, access control (biometrics), fire and security solutions to assist our customers in this important pursuit.
To complement our efforts in physical security and infrastructure, we have partners that can assist in completing turnkey projects including architecture, interior, civil and electrical construction. Coupling this with the physical security and infrastructure we provide and our expertise in handling the entire IT lifecycle, customers can come to GEOSYSTEM for comprehensive turnkey projects both in the Middle East and internationally.
Our team of professionals can help keep you up to date on various codes and regulations while also providing you with a comprehensive system to protect life and property. These systems can include asset protection, access management, intrusion detection and control. We offer security solutions that are flexible enough that an individual location or a multi location corporation can be served.
GEOSYSTEM offers end-to-end turnkey projects and solutions. Our vendor certified implementation engineers and project managers are highly qualified with years of solid life-cycle implementation experience.


Board Room Solutions :

Video conferencing:
Videoconferencing technology allows two or more people at different locations to see and hear each other at the same time. It provides the ability for persons or group of persons geographically separated to have face to face meetings with the ability to collaborate in almost real time. Due to the cost and concerns of traveling, video conferencing has become an important communications solution in the business place.
The Benefits of this Technology:
• Travel Alternative:
o cost saving
o time saving
o avoiding downtime
• Applications:
o Telemedicine
o Distance Learning
o Meetings
o Recruitment
• Access for Remote Expertise
GEOSYSTEM offers a range of video conferencing solutions to satisfy the needs of professionals in diverse industries with varying technical and budgetary requirements. A video conferencing system installed by our experienced IT consultants over the IP data network can leverage existing infrastructure for greater efficiency, cost benefit, and productivity. We have full line of videoconferencing system from small to large enterprise, educational environments, and healthcare applications, to courts and governments agencies, organizations are taking advantage of the speed, richness and convenience of video collaboration and communication. GEOSYSTEM can provide a videoconferencing solution that works for your conference rooms, offices and desktops.
LAN-based videoconferencing encompasses several commonly deployed network topologies (Ethernet, DSL, T-1, PRI, ATM, Internet, etc.). The current standard for this type of videoconferencing is named H.323. Regardless of the network backbone you choose the common denominator is TCP/IP stack that allows data to move freely across the network. The key considerations for this type of conferencing are bandwidth and QOS (Quality of Service). A higher bandwidth buys you faster video performance. However, QOS typically suffers if you do not have control over the bandwidth. ISDN-based video teleconferencing systems use digital phone lines to communicate. The current standard for this type of videoconferencing is named H.320.These digital lines are composed of two 64k data channels. Each ISDN line has a combined bandwidth of 128k. These lines can be combined by using an Imux (Inverse Multiplexor) to increase performance. Typical ISDN videoconferencing systems operate at 128k (1 ISDN Line) or 384k (3 ISDN lines). Real time video transmission at 30 frames per second requires 3 ISDN lines (384k).
Public address or "PA" system:
The basic public address (PA) system designated purpose is a people prevention about occurrence of an extreme situation and management by evacuation. In a regular mode the notification system can be used also for a background music or speech messages.
The public address systems and loud notification systems on an industrial enterprises should provide qualitative voice messages transfer on the technological areas.
Public address or "PA" system is a method of distributing sound throughout a building or site using mixers, amplifiers and loudspeakers.
Simple PA systems are often used in small venues such as school auditoriums, churches, and Office buildings, reinforcing a given sound which may be a person making a speech, prerecorded music, or a message. PA systems with a larger number of speakers are widely used in institutional and commercial buildings to read announcements, declare states of emergency or for security - warning non authorized people off site.
GEOSYSTEM can supply and install a wide selection of Public Address systems